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Reclaimed Cedar Bench

on Square Market

Perfect for a porch or an entryway, this bench was designed and built from reclaimed cedar at our shop on East Lake Street in Minneapolis. Clean, modern design highlights the tonal variations in the wood.

18″ tall and 23″ wide.

Perfect Little Table: Cherry, 16 1/2″ high

on Square Market

Cherry is one of our favorite woods to work with in the shop. Here’s our version of the perfect little table, this one 16 1/2″ high, with a 17″ square top.

Perfect Little Table: Oak, 24″ high

on Square Market

We made a series of these “perfect tables;” this lovely oak table is the one that inspired all the others. It is 24″ tall, with a 13″ x 17″ top. Not too small, not too large: hand crafted out of beautiful hardwood, and just right.

Perfect Little Table: Maple

on Square Market

It’s the perfect table. We first designed this table as a custom piece, but liked it so much, we made more! This little maple table is 19″ tall. Designed and hand-built in our shop on East Lake Street in Minneapolis. The wood is beautifully figured, and it really will fit just about anywhere.

on Square Market

STACK: a building kit with beautiful and curious materials for you to stack, balance, assemble, compose, design, invent, and imagine.

Each set is unique. We fill the boxes with an assortment of modular wooden building pieces, and one or two unique sculptural finds (driftwood from Lake Superior, an interesting piece of live-edge lumber), and a booklet of getting-started ideas.

Build a tower, build a garden, build a city. Just stack.

From the Inky Depths: A Surrealist Drawing Kit

on Square Market

Some of best ideas surface when you least expect them. The activities in this drawing kit are designed to spark creativity through chance and controlled chaos. Discover the unexpected and make beautifully surreal drawings in the process. The kit includes instructions and materials for exploring the inky dpeths of Surrealist Drawing techniques – explore, create, discover!

Each kit comes in a unique, handcrafted, reusable box made from high-grade hardwood (you’ll receive our choice of maple, walnut, oak, or cherry).